Tobacco Pipe 3-in-1 Tool - Tamper, Reamer & Pick- Classic Wood Pipe Shape
Product Description:

Color: Wood
This Three In One High Quality Wood & Stainless Steel Tobacco Pipe Cleaning Tool Contains a Tamper (Stubber), a Reamer & a Spike (Pick).
100% Brand New! Never Used!
Take it with you everywhere.
Beautiful Classic Wood design Shaped Like A Tobacco Pipe, will make you proud in front of your buddies.
Tamper (Stubber): Allows you to pack the pipe bowl chamber. Reamer: Helps clean out the dottle & ash from the bowl chamber. Spike (Pick) is great for cleaning & removing ash & other residue in the stem and shank as well as the bowl chamber.

Classically Shaped Like A Tobacco Pipe – Will Impress Your Buddies
Lightweight – 1 Ounce – Carry It In Your Pouch Or Anywhere Else
Durable – made with strong stainless steal
Decorated with Pipe wood, and shaped like a Tobacco Pipe